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Amy Culp - Trainer & Co-Owner

Amy Culp
Fitness Trainer & Owner 

Like most people, I’ve always known on an intellectual level that exercise is key to good health. But it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with breast cancer that I knew – in a spiritual, universal-truth, deep-in-your-gut kind of way – that exercise can save a life.

The role of exercise in my ability to endure the disease and the treatment, and then ultimately survive it, cannot be overstated. Exercise to me was like a lifeline. When my body was weak, exercise made me believe I was strong. I believe that by continuing to teach aerobics and training for triathlons during chemotherapy, I helped my body to withstand the vigorous demands of cancer treatment.

I have been blessed to have my health back again & spend my time raising my two wonderful children with my husband. I love to play tennis, mountain bike, and watch my kids play soccer. Since 2000, I have completed 6 triathlons, and I have ridden in Lance Armstrong’s Ride for the Roses twice.

I graduated from Texas A&M in College Station TX in 1986, majoring in Biology and Psychology. During college, I worked in Physical Therapy, focusing in knee and back rehabilitation; and also stroke rehabilitation.

I have been teaching aerobics since 1995, certified with the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), and my kickboxing certification through World Aerobic of Kickboxing Association International (WAKAI).

I have been certified as a Personal Trainer with AFAA since 1999, and Advanced Weight Room Certification since 2002, and as a Cancer Exercise Specialist since 2004. I absolutely love working one on one with people and helping them to reach their fitness goals. As a co-owner of LifeForce Personal Fitness, I’m blessed with the opportunity to help clients who’ve battled cancer, as well as those who haven’t, find an inner strength they never knew they had.

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