Welcome to LifeForce Personal Fitness.  A personal training service that focuses on weight loss, healthy lifestyles, and most of all you!

We provide one on one training here in our gym with no membership fees.
We will work with you to achieve your goal of becoming a healthier person.

If you are serious about changing your body and improving your health, you have come to the right place.


Meeting fitness goals can be a challenge; that’s where your personal trainer comes in. Simply describe your goals, build a professional relationship, and watch as you begin to meet important milestones.


Weight-loss, muscle growth, and a healthier physique requires a good nutritional diet. Our on-staff nutritionist will help you eat in a healthy manner.


Your personal fitness trainer will help you achieve your personal goals. Your trainer will work with you so that you can stay motivated in life choices both inside and outside of our fitness center.


I was 41 years old, in the middle of chemo treatments, and had never worked out in a gym before.  It was such a positive influence for me during this period in my life.  I hope my friendship with Amy will last a life time as will the workout habits I learned!!



J. Bistline

After I turned 40, I started feeling tired and extremely out of shape.  I started training with Amy Culp and the difference in the way I feel is remarkable.  I feel more self confident and actually enjoy heading to the gym. I don’t like over crowded gyms with impersonal atmospheres or waiting in line to use a machine…..who actually has time wait in line?  Lines are not a problem at LifeForce Personal Fitness, the trainers arrange compatible schedules as to maximize everyone’s time during their workout.



J. Lee

I’ve been working out with Amy for about 3 years.  Before I met Amy my back, neck and shoulders ached every morning when I woke up and continued throughout most of the day.  Now I feel great and I am FIT.



T. Colvin