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Keith Kettering

Keith Kettering
Fitness Trainer 

My name is Keith Kettering. For the past ten years I have been blessed to own and operated FIT (Formulated Individualized Training). I have worked with general population and specific performance conditioning from quality of life clients whom have lost more than 200 pounds to elite level professional athletes training for a performance edge. Each population group has given me new challenges and new insights into how rewarding it is to educate and motivate others to achieve and in many cases exceed their fitness goals.

I believe in a comprehensive approach to achieving health ad wellness. The mind, body and spirit connection is so amazing when it comes to making changes, achieving goals and becoming fit to be your best. Whether your goals involve weight loss, weight management or sport specific conditioning, what the mind and heart can conceive and believe, the body can achieve. I can give you numerous examples of individuals that I have had the opportunity to work with that have greatly exceeded their own expectations because of the power of the mind and the heart. Allow me to help you realize how the passion within you can be the catalyst for breaking through barriers and plateaus in your quest to be your best.

I am a PGA Apprentice and I have played competitive golf for over 25 years, playing to a low index of +2.1. Over the past 5 years I have competed in the Remax World Long Drive Championships, making it to 14 District Finals.

I believe that most of us intend to succeed, but only those who take action on their intentions will ever grow and realize true success. I love being part of the action!!!


  • B.S., California State University, Northridge
  • PGA Apprentice (Professional Golfers Association)
  • ISSA Fitness Certification (International Sports Sciences Association)
  • Body Balance for Performance (Certified)
  • Member of Long Drivers of America (LDA) and American Long Drivers Assoc. (ALDA)


  • Participated in Long Drive exhibitions for charity events at the following locations:  Riviera Country Club, Wilshire Country Club, El Caballero Country Club, Valencia Country Club, Lost Canyons Golf Course, Robinson Ranch Golf Course, Malibu Country Club, Lakeside Country Club and Industry Hills Golf Course.
  • Qualified for 14 Remax World Long Drive District Finals (2002-2008)
  • Longest Drive in competition- 452 yards

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